When does Eight Inches Equal 10 Feet?

27 Jan

We purchased some premium guitar cables to test against our ZEROCAP cables, and you can see and hear the results in our Tone Shootout article. Just for fun, we cut up one of the more expensive cables to see how short it would have to be to equal the capacitance of our ZEROCAP guitar cable.

While not even indulging in Einsteinian relativistic gymnastics, we found that it only takes eight inches of the premium cable to match the ultra-low capacitance of our ZEROCAP cable. Eight inches.

Here are the photos to prove it. The display of the capacitance meter is reading in units of picofarads.



The cool thing about ZEROCAP cables is that they have the same capacitance regardless of length. So we should be asking, “When does Eight Inches Equal 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 50 Feet?” Take a six-pack down to your local university physics department and have some fun with this!

What does this mean? Your guitar signal flies through our ZEROCAP cables with precious little tonal change from cable capacitance. But after the first eight inches of premium cable, you’re losing high end and feeling your nostrils being pinched together as your guitar’s tone has the life choked out of it. I won’t describe what happens in the second eight inches, because this is a family-friendly web site.

Try a ZEROCAP cable today. Compare it to your “premium” cable and see what you think. Hear your guitar for the first time!

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